Language Skills

  • Proficiencies: Python, Java, Swift
  • Familiarity: C, Javascript, Assembly
  • Analytics: R


  • Mobile App Development: iOS & AWS Mobile Services
  • AWS: EC2, DynamoDB, SES, and others

Biographical Information


I studied at Washington and Lee University in Lexington, Viriginia my freshman and sophomore years in college. I began studying Computer Science here with a distribution of Accounting and Economics. Some of my favorite classes at W&L were Programming Language Design with Dr. Simon Levy, Computer Organization with Dr. Cody Watson, and Communication through the Web with Dr. Jason Mickel.

After my underclassmen years at W&L I decided to transfer to Indiana University where I could take specialized courses in my areas of interest. I am taking specializations in AI, security, and systems. I hope to update my site this year with some interesting new projects concerning these fields.


At Washington and Lee, I initially had a hard time finding opportunities to learn and develop my skills. Late in my freshman year, I got a position with W&L's historic 27th Mock Convention to develop the first Mock Convention iOS app. In addition, I was hired to a technical role by the Information & Help Desk and placed in the W&L Integrative and Quantitative Center (IQ Center) as a technical assistant.

As a technical assistant in the W&L IQ Center, I have worked primarily on technologies surrounding pointclouds and a technology called Potree. This is a technology for viewing data the Art History department has been collecting over many trips to Florence and some models are available here.

Personal Life

I was born in Indiana, as were my three siblings. My family moved to West Virginia shortly after and have lived here for nearly 20 years. I attended high school at George Washington High School in Charleston, WV. One of the classes I enjoyed at George Washington High School was Computer Science. I took three courses over three years and I discovered a degree of natural understanding for solving problems with code. I had an internship for several months learning about Corporate Information Security at a large bank just before my senior year, which provoked my continued interest in networking and security vulnerabilities. Furthermore, this experience introduced me to the Raspberry Pi and the ecosystem surrounding what is possible with a Single Board Computer.

After high school, I followed my older two sister to Washington and Lee University, the oldest of which is now in medical school at West Virginia University and the other graduated in May 2020 and works as an Accountant at PWC in Indianapolis. I did not attend W&L to study Computer Science because no one else in my family worked in technology sectors. I tried various subjects and realized that I enjoy computer science more than anything else.

After two years, I decided I would transfer to Indiana University Bloomington where I would be able to embrace a much larger climate to study and learn in. I decided on IU because my father received his PhD in Economics at IU and because of its convenient proximity to Indianapolis, a growing technology hub.