Rob Hageboeck


Academic Social Network Research

I have recently completed research with Nick Dorogy into social networks between Professors at Washington and Lee University examining the rates and tendencies of coauthorship. More information shortly.

W&L MockCon App

Read about my work on the MockCon app here or take a look at my projects for a more in-depth look at this project I designed and built completely from scratch. The project focuses on full stack development and required learning skills from web server configuration to understanding various AWS APIs.

Current Work

Tool in Progress:

A side project I have begun over the last couple days is a python based folder sync utility. This tool will allow me to dynamically update my website by keeping my files up-to-date with the AWS EC2 instance that hosts my websites.

I have finished a simple updater implementation available on my github page and am now working on a non-terminal based implementation.


My most recent project, Referendum, is in the early development stage. A political app, my primary goal is to do what Shadow, Inc. could not and provide a high degree of reliability while learning and developing new skills and ideas.
Keep up-to-date with my progress on my projects page.